Farmer’s Market

One of my favorite memories growing up is a couple times a year during the summer my parents and I would leave early in the morning and go to a HUGE farmers market that was about an hour away.  We would spend a few hours there, stopping by each stand, deciding what we wanted to take home, sampling fresh strawberries and tomatoes, looking at plants and flowers.

One of my favorite things about traveling and living in Europe is the fresh markets.  It’s a way of life here.  Every Saturday in the city center where we live, a small market sets up in the mornings.  They have all the local goodness that the season has to offer.  A local musician plays the accordion, almost making me feel like I’m somewhere in France instead of Finland.  A couple of “food truck” coffee shops open up, setting up tables and awnings.  Many of the locals come sip their morning coffee and enjoy pastries, and perhaps do a little people watching.


Right now we are enjoying fresh berries, carrots, herbs, and peas. I will have to do a special recipe post for the peas; they are so sweet and so fresh.



A local merchant carries sauna supplies and handmade baskets


Several tents offered cheerful baskets of flowers


I can’t wait to see what they have next week!

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